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Boost DC/DC Converter

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Design Kit Boost DC/DC Converter

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The NJM2377 is used as a PWM controller for the boost
DC/DC converter that operates in low voltage, such as in
portable applications.


The Design Kit includes the IC transient model that contains

all functions that match the real device. Nonlinear characteristics
such as open-loop response of the error amp, totem-pole
output drive capability, maximum duty cycle limit and soft
start-up are all accurately modeled.


The switching device models (bipolar transistor, and schottky

diode) that have been verified with measurement data are

also included.


These enable designers to run start-up transient to show

the operating characteristics, evaluate the efficiency at

normal and light load, perform cycle-to-cycle simulation

to show true large signal performance, measure power

stage loss and stress for all major components, and so on.


The Design Kit will help you find the design flaws before

the production cycle. The circuit can be effectively test

without the possibility of destroying their parts. And

simulations with the Design Kit are much more quickly

than to build and evaluate the real circuit.


Please check out documents below for the detail and

example of using the Design Kit.




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