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Quasi-resonant Switching Power Supply

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Design Kit Quasi-resonant Switching Power Supply

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Switching Power Supply with low EMI and high power

efficiency can be achieved more easily by applying

Quasi-Resonant techniques. The power supply is well

suited for printers and LCD TVs applications that are

noise sensitive. Fuji Electric has developed FA5541

Quasi-Resonant controller IC that is energy-saving

and possible to drive a power MOSFET directly.


Quasi-Resonant Switching Power Supply Design Kit is

a ready-to-use SPICE simulation project that enable

designers to simulate FA5541 power supply application

circuit. The designer can edit their design and verify

the operating characteristics of the power supply by:  

performing cycle-by-cycle simulation to show true
 large-signal performance,
running turn-on transient and step-load response,
power loss and stress evaluation for all major
and so on.


This will help the designers find the design flaws

before the production cycle. The circuit can be effectively

tested without the possibility of destroying their parts.

And simulations with the Design Kit is much more quickly

than to build and evaluate the real circuit.


FA5541 characteristics and functions are modeled one

by one compared to the datasheet. The models in the

Design Kit have been evaluated and compared with

measurement data to verify their accuracy.


Quasi-Resonant Switching Power Supply Design Kit


  set of folders that contain OrCAD PSpice project files 

   •models of the devices using in the design that include

   library file, schematic symbol, and evaluation report to

   show the model accuracy.


Please check out documents below for the detail and

example of using the Design Kit.




.IC Setting Guide-->

Technical Description-->